SF Restaurant Week Lunch

SF Restaurant Week Lunch
{Available All Year-round}

$25 Per Person 3 Course Lunch


Entrées Ou Salades {Appetizers Or Salads} {Choose One}

Salade Composée: Mixed greens, wild arugula, cherry tomatoes, fresh goat cheese, strawberries, & pistachios, in honey dressing

Soupe À L’Oignon: French onion soup with croutons & Gruyere cheese

Les Plats {Entrée} {Choose One}

{{All crêpes has a gruyere cheese and served with mix green salad or pommes frites}}

Crêpe Aux Legumes Grillés: Grilled seasonal vegetables

Crêpe À L’Agneaux Rôtis: Lamb, Arugula, red onion, tomato, & chef’s spread

Crêpe Aux Poulets Grillés: Chicken breast, cherry tomatoes, & red onion, with choice of Pesto or Béchamel sauce

Crêpe Aux Saumons Grillés: Salmon, red onion, fresh Dill, & capers

Raviolis Aux Trois Champignons: Three mushrooms filled house made ravioli with Truffled cream sauce

P.E.I. Moules Marinières: Mussels in shallots, garlic, & parsley, in light cream, & white wine broth

Côtelette De Porc: Grilled pork chop, haricots verts & cherry tomato served with pommes frites in whole grain mustard sauce

Desserts {Desserts} {Choose One}

Crème Brulée: Vanilla custard

Mousse Au Chocolat: Chocolate mousse

* Catering available in your home, office or at ChouChou *18% gratuity will be added to parties of 5 or more
Chef Michaels and his team wish you a Bon Appétit